Personal motivation is the key to your success.

We are all unique. Some of us are motivated by financial reward, some by leadership opportunities and some by recognition for our achievements.
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Knowing your personal motivators empowers you to get the best out of everything you do. Being happy and self motivated is beneficial to your health, boosts your self esteem, improves your relationships and allows personal development.

Over the last five years over 10,000 people have completed the Motivational Map� on-line diagnostic tool and received their clear and easy to understand 10 page report which 99.9% accuracy, reveals the person's key motivational drivers around work.

The information contained in the report is massively useful to individuals, businesses and organisations when used in such areas as Career Management, Recruitment & Selection, Appraisals, Talent Management and with Teams & Work Groups.

The Motivational Map® on-line diagnostic tool, which takes 15-20 minutes to complete, provides a precise, accurate insightful ten page report. Using this report we can help you to understand your own individual internal Motivational Drivers so you can recognise what you really need from your work. In order to gain full benefit from all the information contained in the report, you will receive a consultation phone call of up to an hour to explain and discuss exactly what the report revealed for you.

Boost your self confidence, build your self esteem, discover your performance motivators...

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A motivational map costs just £95 including VAT. Start the process by submitting payment online. You will then receive a link and a password to access The Motivational Map® on-line diagnostic tool.
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